Sorry Store Associate: I Am Shopping in Your Store VS


It is my time to make a complaint. Normally, I do not do this other than a cynical or sarcastic remark but on a recent shopping trip I had one too many eye rolls at my son and I.

I like many others who can relate love shopping. Not just for baby items on sale, or home improvement projects. I attend Home Depot Workshops! Prior to gaining weight, expanding hips and having my breast size double I was an avid Victoria Secret Shopper.

Still am actually- from college to now I love racking up points on my first credit card ever. A Victoria Secret Credit Card seemed like a great way to buy my wedding undies, and some stuff for afterwards. But it was a way for a newly college grad to build up some credit. The bra sizes have gotten bigger with me and I lived in my yoga pants because they were the only thing that fit after BabyE was born, and let us be honest I still feel sexy when I purchase a Victoria Secret anything. Even pajamas.

Recently I ran into the VS store to pay my credit card- who loves late fees- and Baby E an I were looking through sales rack. Me above him below, he ran up to a couple store associates while I wrote a check, and said “Hi” but other than that he was a dedicated hand holder.

Now this statement goes out to every store associate that uses a mom-young or old, walk in with a baby/child, or little ones. Just because we have kids does not mean we should be make to feel like we are inconveniencing you. Do not get me wrong, I do not think you should allow children to knock over displays or rip tags off of merchandise, I myself was in retail in college. But when someone walks up to the counter to make a payment for merchandise or pay a bill, you should not roll your eyes, pretend I am not standing in front of you, or tell me the wrong information and “humph” because I inform you I have paid with a check prior.
Side note- When did people stop using checks so much- I am getting old….

When did being a store associate at VS become so snotty, or any store for that matter? I was always given the idea when working in retail that customer service was number 1 priority. ┬áHolding my squirmy son in my arms so he did not touch anything while I was I was paying, and rummaging through my purse, should give someone a little bit of an idea that I am trying to be considerate of your store and you. If I was not I would have just let him run around causing havoc, which he just started doing, because come on 2 years ‘ol is rough.

For every story associate out there that makes a mom feel like she is not able to control her little being- Just stop! Because we are trying our best, and maybe it was not like me at the en of a busy work ay, but it is the mom with 3 little beings who walks into a Pottery Barn or Target, with her hair looking crazy an unshaven legs. And yes she is wearing shorts! Have a little more compassion world, because believe it or not miss young not-looking-21-year- ol one day you might be in the same situation too, trying today your credit card with a crabby 2 year-old and have a store associate make you feel as though you are not worth your time.

Compassion, charity, and patience can make any moms day go a long way. Especially when we give ourselves everyday to the littlest of people who need it the most.


Mom Contemplating Life Questions When Sleep Won’t Come


It is 1:41 a.m. and my son is asleep. I am lying awake in bed when I should be sleeping. I could be doing laundry but my calves hurt from walking so much all day. A couple of questions pop into my head that just keep building up and up until I run out of things until another question does and so on..Here is my list.

1. Should I change Shampoos?
2. I wonder where I can get a bra that fits nicely and looks pretty under $30?
3. I wonder if my JCP coupon for $10 expires today? not want to wast it
4. Did I empty out the Washer/Dryer?
5. Should I start ironing clothes?
6. I wonder if Im out of milk? Don’t want to check but will in the morning.
7. Wonder if it will be hot tomorrow? Phone is too far to reach.
8. If I get up in less than 6 hours I wonder if Baby E will stay asleep a little longer so I can shower? probably not.
9. Wonder if I will have time to shower properly & shave? Yay!
10. I don’t know if I can wear the skirt I want to tomorrow if theres going to be wind. Hope not.
11. Baby E is making noise, wonder what his dreams are like? Processing today’s events- it was a busy day.
12. I wonder if I can run into Target and grab a pair of black flats? Do thy have black flats?
13. What time do Target open? I should know this.
14. What do I have in the kitchen to take for snack tomorrow?
15. Did I put the dishwasher on? If not I have no clean dishes.
16. Buy new tupperware, fin tupperware person?
17. Where do I look for tupperware person?
18. Aslo, where do I find AVON person?
19. If I massage my own calves does it make the soreness go away faster?
20. Is it ok to drive a little tired? I have been doing that lately.
21. Just saw a book on my night stand, when can I sit and read?
22. Crap, do I have stuff on hold at the library? They are going to reshelve it.
23. Is reshelve a word?
24. Can I buy a cheap dictionary at HPB because mine is in a box?
25. If my laptop is on my lap, on top of my blanket will it over heat?
26. Where did all the hours in the day go? Mall, walk, laundry, meeting, paperwork.
27. Did I wash my face when I got home?
28. Did I wash Baby e’s Face?
29. If I wake up right at 6, I can get all my paperwork before heading out for the day, possible? No.
30. If I drink one more cup of coffee is that bad?
31. Probably, pop?
32. If I munch it will be bad too, so drink water? Only bad think is bathroom breaks.
33. How many times is bad for not going to the bathroom? Today I only went like 5 times. Busy day!
34. I wonder if anyone will read this?
35. Maybe not, but maybe. Probably only like 10 moms because we are all up when we shouldn’t be.
36. Why doesn’t my spell check work on this thing?

Nearly 2 a.m. need to get back to my paperwork. Night!

5 Quick Easter Basket Fillers As You Head Towards the Checkout


Sick babies do not make for a good Easter but the stuff that we throw in the basket can make all the difference. Even with a small budget some of these things are so simple that to a teething baby can be AWESOME!

I know that an overflowing Easter basket for some Easter Bunnies are not easy but these little things to grab are not toys – or at least not ordinary, and will be helpful to you. Just in case you feel like your baby’s basket is missing something, or you are on a tight budget.

1. Toothbrush – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we are supposed to be brushing babies teeth from the time they start to show teeth but how many of us o it regularly. Or even have a baby tooth brush in the house?? So for really cheap you can grab one along with the mouth wash. Remember always “extra soft” bristles and in the correct age range, even if you get on for an older kiddo, it will be used eventually.









2. While you are in the Toothbrush aisle, might as well grab some toothpaste!

3. Receiving bath essentials is normal for adults, so why not start having your kids receive some when they are young. I love this Shea Moisture for baby, its hypoallergenic, gluten free and well free of everything. Smells great too!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.48.28 PM

4. Boogie Wipes, are not just for babies but mommy’s too. And while they are not an average fillers like Kleenex in a stocking a Boogie Wipe in a basket can be something when searching in your diaper bag a godsend.


5. Socks! Yes this sounds horrible but now they come in such fun colors and styles that most people find them entertaining. An unlike the kind that Grandpa gets, they can have Easter eggs on them.

So, have fun tonight everyone who is running to the store for a few last minute fixings! I may just have to run over to the personal care aisle at Jewel-Osco quickly tonight.


Music to My Ears


So everyday without knowing it I play music for Baby E. In the car, kitchen, playroom, you name it I love having music on and it helps to keep me moving while doing chores.

Having first see him notice music when he was in his bouncy chair, I smile to think that those first moments were his first encounter. He loves that bouncy chair so much that we are refusing to part ways with it even though he can no longer sit in it. A simple tune of birds tweeting and violin playing are what put him to sleep, relaxed him when he was sick, and soothed him while Mom worked at her desk.

Music is a great development tool, and does not stop until we are adults. College age student use music to memorize answers and phrases for exams- believe me I had my own song for an exam or 3. Babies develop at an alarming rate, and Baby e is no exception. He is constantly studying everything that moves, and wants to touch and feel! Science has shown that music is a great way to enable intelligence in children who are older and not in babies or toddlers but having a little body that develops at an execrated rate music has to be a benefit!

I grew up with music and although I am not going to force him to be in 4 Choirs at one time, I would like to cultivate a love and culture of music. My Husband and I have very different preferences in music and just about everything-but hey thats marriage. I prefer genres of classical, latin pop and country, and my husband likes slow- rock to Reggae. So at any given time Baby E can be listening to Beethoven 5th or Bob Marley, both of which he cannot understand now but is taking in their sounds and making an assumption about it within him.

As a mom I am always trying different CD’s from the library, which is a good place to grab random CD’s, to test out. I do not go for anything I would not listen to myself but the other day I was curious and grabbed a Cher CD for the car. Curious George Dora, Disney soundtracks, pretty much everything in the kid section I will play until I fin myself humming it that is, and then we switch.

Incorporating a little bit of everything for BabyE is key though, I do not want him to have constraints when it comes to music, or activities just because it is something I would not listen to. I love the way he dances and claps overtime he hears music, it really makes me smile to see his little body bop up and down. disney soundtracks are our favorite type of baby an kid music though and he seems to love them. Our most recent is the Frozen soundtrack. Albeit we have not watched the movie because we are holding off, but the soundtrack seems to be a lot of fun and relatable to many. All you have to do is Youtube, so come on!

What Music do you play for your little one? Do you make your own with play instruments, or have a nifty Blackberry Speaker like my husband, or jam out in the car to CDs or your favorite radio station?

For our love for music, I am doing a giveaway of the Frozen soundtrack on my blog here. Follow the link below to enter, and enter.

Walker Central: Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller Review


My husband and I regularly use our Chicco stroller that came with the travel system. It is lightweight, can carry a lot including Baby E, has a cup holder, and under storage.

This is a god send, and we have no complaints, but when Mommy and Daddy have different schedule for work, and extra curricular the stroller either gets left in one car or the other. And we end up at a park, or museum sans stroller because we both thought it was in the car we were driving. Facepalm!

So for Baby E’s birthday we had let it slip to grandma and grandpa that an umbrella or lightweight stroller would be lovely. I did not realize how many different umbrella or lightweight strollers there are out there. If you want to take a whack at it, Google “Different Kinds of Ubrella Stollers” – needless to say there are a lot out there. With the presents unwrapped we were lucky enough to receive a Kolcraft Cloud from one of our lovely uncles!


This was simple assemble, and I was able to do it with a baby crawling around. Parts, and the manual were simple. No screwier need just some mom muscles!



You can go with your ultra lightweight cute tinker bell stroller in pink for her. Or your sturdy umbrellas, modern and more dad like so he will not be embarrassed pushing it in a black color with nifty handles. I gave this 4.5 out of 5 star ! Much better then the other umbrella strollers looked at. Would actually buy this as a gift for another skeptical mom.

Hope you like it too ­čÖé

My Last Breastfeeding Selfie


Baby E has been doing well for the past week. Due to a cold in our house, allergies, and stress, I had to stop breastfeeding him to recover from everything as was advised by my Doctor. If Mommy is sick, who will take care of Baby E. Every mom that has breastfed knows the struggle of wanting to breastfeed but chooses to stop for personal or medical reasons.


This is the last Breastfeeding Selfie I have with him. I’m going to miss him falling asleep on my breast and that closeness. But it is not going to end because I am able to pick him up anytime I want, so to supplement I do that a lot. ┬áSome ays are harder then others, and I hear stories of Mothers who years later have their breasts hurt for yearning to breastfeed.